Sep 4, 2008


If you want something special when it comes to the benches for your indoors or outdoors, then you may perhaps consider 'LightBench'. This is not an ordinary bench but this one illuminates with just the touch of your fingertips using a remote control. LightBench can be glow in millions of adjustable shades of bright or soft colors. It's the choice of the user to use a set of fixed hues or a predefined set of changing colors. Its used by an individually pre-programmed remote control and one can choose up to 8 of their favorite colors and the changing-intervals can be varied from a few seconds to several hours or recall the pre-programmed sequences. It only requires about 95 watts of electricity which keeps the costs down! Attractive, easy-to-clean and maintain, suitable for indoors and outdoors, and is weather proof.

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Light Bench (3) 2
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