Sep 25, 2008

Foldaway Furniture.

Foldaway Furniture.

Kenchikukagu designed by Atelier OPA from Japan is a series of foldaway furniture which includes a foldaway work station, a foldaway bed and a foldaway kitchen. The best part of this furniture is that when not in use, you can just fold it away and make space around it. The 'Work Station' from Kenchikukagu series is currently available on Amazon Japan for about $7500.

Foldaway Furniture (5) 1
Foldaway Furniture (5) 2
Foldaway Furniture (5) 3
Foldaway Furniture (5) 4
Foldaway Furniture (5) 5
<a href="//">Watch the "Foldaway Furniture" Video on Youtube</a>

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