Sep 26, 2008

E-Glue For Kids.

E-Glue is specialized in adhesive designs for kids, with a purpose much more than just simple decoration. Now if we consider space as a white page for illustration, then e-glue opens a window of imagination, by transforming various supports into narrative spaces, where kids and parents can create, learn and have fun. E-Glue designs all their illustrations and hand-make all the stickers that ensures the quality is high, from drawing to manufacturing, and packaging to handing over. Putting up the finalized product is simple, and can be done by anyone, and just if you think you need some instructions on how to go about it, an instruction booklet and a small scraper are included into each parcel. These adhesive vinyls can be glued on all flat and clean surfaces, can be repositioned during the installation, and removed without leaving traces. And E-Glue offers custom-made service, which allows one to get closest to their expectations.

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