Sep 15, 2008

Sneakart: Customize Your Footwear.

Sneakart: Customize Your Footwear.

As we have stickers for mobile phones, notebooks and other gadgets, now we have also stickers to customize your sneakers. Sneakart: stickers for your sneakers, it offers a wide choice of patterns and colors options. And you can design your own if your want something totally exclusive, you can take things one step further and be a true originator. Upload your own artwork and create unique designs. Customizing shoes with sneakart is quite easy and its totally waterproof and stands up to regular use. Check out the video which has all the details.

Sneakart: Customize Your Footwear (3) 1
Sneakart: Customize Your Footwear (3) 2
Sneakart: Customize Your Footwear (3) 3

<a href="//">Watch the "Sneakart: Customize Your Footwear " Video on Youtube</a>

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