Sep 9, 2008

Designer Contact Lenses.

Designer Contact Lenses.

We have seen many gadgets which comes with Swarovski crystals but never did we know that these can even make contact lenses 'Sparkle'. Designer Anthony Mallier from India created these lenses by embedding tiny Swarovski crystals in a circle around the circumference of the lenses. And the 'Sparkle' contact lenses won the second place in the 'Crystal Vision' competition co-organized by Designboom and Swarovski which had 4074 entries from 92 countries.

Designer Contact Lenses (2) 1
Designer Contact Lenses (2) 2

The Eye Jewelry Project:

Some time back if you can remember, we posted this project aptly titled "The Eye Jewellery Project," by artist Eric Klarenbeek who threaded some crystals and attached it to a contact lens. Now we have some more photos of it. 'Klarenbeek was asked on a video he posted on the project, what would happen if someone tugged on the line, the artist responded, "It just falls out...'

The Eye Jewelry Project (6) 1
The Eye Jewelry Project (6) 2
The Eye Jewelry Project (6) 3
The Eye Jewelry Project (6) 4
The Eye Jewelry Project (6) 5
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