Sep 5, 2008

Small Buildings.

Small Buildings.

Here is a cool collection ‘Small Buildings’ from around the world.

Loftcube - Instant penthouse.

Loftcube - Instant penthouse (3) 1
Loftcube - Instant penthouse (3) 2
Loftcube - Instant penthouse (3) 3Loftcube priced at 55,000 EU can be customized to adjust the degree of translucence and subdivided as per individual taste and requirement. And the weight of the cube has been calculated for transport by helicopter. Mountaintops, islands and other remote places are now equally interesting for this minimalist structure with its walls of glass.

Rucksack House:

Just A Little Home Improvement (5) 4If you think that your apartment isn't large enough anymore & you need some more space, here is the perfect way out for you. Rucksack House - designed by the German team at Convertible City, its a great new way to expand your living space. It functions as an extra room, & is designed as a walk-in cube consisting of a welded steel cabin, using steel cables anchored to the roof of the existing house. If you want an extra room, then this might be a real great idea to expand the apartment size.

Micro Compact Home:

A new kind of compact living space: micro compact home (m-ch) currently being developed by Micro Compact Home Ltd, a company evolved from Horden Cherry Lee Architects.


Eco-Dome (3) 1
Eco-Dome (3) 2
Eco-Dome (3) 3The Eco-Dome is self-contained and can become a small guesthouse, studio apartment with size of approximately 400 square feet (interior space), which makes it quite manageable structure for the first time owner builder.

Zigzag Cabin:

Zigzag CabinZigzag Cabin has the same quality as arriving at an outpost or base camp. The box with all its stored living equipment is unpacked.

Tree Spheres:

Sprit Spheres Tree House (6) 3
Sprit Spheres Tree House (6) 5These spheres can be attached to the trees or from any other solid objects like buildings or rock faces.


Mirador (3) 1
Mirador (3) 2
Mirador (3) 3La Petite Maison du Weekend:

La Petite Maison du WeekendLa Petite Maison du Weekend can be relocated to virtually any outdoor site, it has its own electricity, collects and distributes rainwater and also provides the basics for everyday life: sleeping for two, kitchen, shower, and composting toilet. It's a prototype self-sufficient minimal dwelling.

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