Sep 20, 2008

Rolling Bridge In London.

Rolling Bridge In London.

Rolling Bridge a project by Heatherwick Studio located in a new area of London near GrandUnion Canal. What makes this bridge (twelve meter long, made of eight steel and timber sections, and uses hydraulic set into the handrail) is unlike the conventional which uses opening mechanism consisting of a single rigid element that elevates to let the boats through, this 'Rolling Bridge' rolls itself up until its two ends touch and, it forms a circle on one bank of the water. This is a winner of 2005 British Structural Steel Award.

Rolling Bridge (4) 1
Rolling Bridge (4) 2
Rolling Bridge (4) 3
Rolling Bridge (4) 4The Rolling Bridge Video:

<a href="//">Watch the "The Rolling Bridge Video" on Youtube</a>

And here are some more images: Flickr.

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