Sep 8, 2008

Spaghetti Bench.

Spaghetti Bench.

These are the creation of French-Argentine artist and designer Pablo Reinoso born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and living and working in Paris since 1979. Though he has practiced sculpture since he was a teenager, but for a long time Pablo has worked mainly with wood, slate, marble, brass, and steel. Its in the 1990s Pablo Reinoso consolidated his position as a designer; he designed furniture (Pocketable, 1998) and various other great number of objects, especially since 1997. Its in 2000, he became the artistic director of Parfums Givenchy and Parfums Loewe in 2002, where he designed perfume bottles and cosmetic lines. Around the same time he created a bench for the Japanese city of Fukuroi (2000), (outskirts of the soccer stadium) which later became a venue for the World Cup in 2002. Apart from these, he created a new League Cup for the Ligue de Football Professional (2003), and worked on the League's institutional image too.

Spaghetti Bâle:

Spaghetti BâleSpaghetti Double:
Spaghetti DoubleSpaghetti Wall:

Spaghetti WallAluminum Bench:

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