Sep 30, 2008

Awesome Rock Balancing - Part 2.

Here are some photos of amazing rock balancing which looks quite interesting. This is something which requires a lot of patience, talent and steady hand to create such cool looking structures. And here is the rest of the set of images. Don't forget to go through the Part - 1 which is equally interesting.

Awesome Rock Balancing (5) 1
Awesome Rock Balancing (5) 2
Awesome Rock Balancing (5) 3
Awesome Rock Balancing (5) 4
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Sep 29, 2008

Dreamland Installation.

Dreamland Installation.

Here we got 'Dreamland Installation by Undoboy. Undoboy is an interactive and graphic designer in Portland. Presently he is working for Wieden, as an interactive art director. And in year 2005 he got his BFA in graphic design from Florida's Ringling School of Art and Design. We can expect much more from him in near future!

Dreamland Installation, a video of wall installation.

<a href="">Watch the "Dreamland Installation." Video</a> Dreamland Installation (7) 1 Dreamland Installation (7) 2 Dreamland Installation (7) 3 Dreamland Installation (7) 4 Dreamland Installation (7) 5 Dreamland Installation (7) 6 Dreamland Installation (7) 7Other Posts: Interesting Tables. Young Me Now Me. The Future Of Books. Creativity With Wool. Working Without Proper Tools - Part 2.

SOLo Lounge Table.

SOLo Lounge Table.

The SOLo Lounge Table by iF is something which integrates perfectly into modern lifestyle. It collects and converts solar energy to clean and efficient electricity and can harness approximately 73-kilowatt hours of solar energy every year in a typical outdoor setting. And this power provides the equivalent of over 100 mobile phone recharges per day, or 3 laptop computer recharges per day. And this innovative object uses Bluetooth technology to collect, distribute and exhibit information on both the system monitor and wirelessly between computers and the Internet. Apart from this, it also features recharging connectivity for many electronic devices such as laptops and portable media devices, enabling digitally interactive entertaining and business. Presently it's available on a Build To Order basis for North American residents only, and costs about $14,000 plus.

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Mix And Match Furniture.

Mix And Match Furniture.

Here we have the 'Riviera Series: Mix And Match Furniture' where you can use the sectional piece to suit your space and requirements. These isn't the regular furniture which doesn't give one any scope to make changes, but here its up to you to choose from armchair, corner chair, or coffee table. This is the sophisticated line of European-styled outdoor furniture, and the contemporary line is made of a wicker resin weave that is waterproof. So what can be said more: 'Go on vacation in your own backyard.'

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Mix And Match Furniture (4) 2
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Sep 27, 2008

Drawerment - Drawers On The Wall.

Drawerment is a composition of drawers collected from old office furniture. The installation lets viewers to find their own story in it. The composition was designed for Demakersvan | Dutch design house as a part of their renovated studio in Rotterdam.

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 Drawers On The Wall (4) 2
 Drawers On The Wall (4) 3
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Cybertecture Office Building.

Cybertecture office building, this futuristic design is from James Law Cybertecture International, commissioned by Vijay Associate (Wadhwa Developers) for Mumbai, India. The 32,000 sq m eggshaped building will accommodate 13 floors of offices and will combine "iconic architecture, environmental design, intelligent systems, and new engineering to create an awe-inspiring landmark in the city." The design has intelligence systems, which integrates technology, multimedia, intelligence system and user interactivity that includes monitoring occupant's vital health statistics. And to generate electricity, solar photovoltaic panels and rooftop wind turbines will be installed on top of the building. Apart from these, the sky garden on the top of building will moderate temperate and assist in cooling the building. A water filtration system will be installed in the building which will harvest water for irrigation and landscaping by grey water recycling that will help in water conservation. The building is supposed to complete by the end of 2010.

Cybertecture Office Building (4) 1
Cybertecture Office Building (4) 2
Cybertecture Office Building (4) 3
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XO Move - Foldable Scooter.

XO Move Scooter, when parked it transforms (folds up on itself) and is secured. Its adaptable to ones' needs, can take one or two persons and sports a variable wheelbase to make it more stable on the roads. The scooter looks to be inspired by the Transformers. And the designers are Camile Baron, Damien Grossemy, Josson Thomas and Kevin Lecoutre.

Foldable Scooter (3) 1
Foldable Scooter (3) 2
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Sep 26, 2008

Earth House.

Here we have Earth House Estate L├Ąttenstrasse located in Dietikon, Switzerland designed by Swiss architect Vetsch Architektur. The main intention of building an earth house is not as a comparison to traditional residential houses built on the ground but: 'Not to live under or in the ground, but with it.' Though these look like a modern design of hobbit house, but these incorporate the latest interior furnishings, such as contemporary kitchens, bathrooms and house-control systems. These modern earth-houses are quite flexible constructions which can be built according to the wishes of its owners, fulfilling the requirement for individuality and energy saving.

Earth House (5) 1
Earth House (5) 2
Earth House (5) 3
Earth House (5) 4
Earth House (5) 5'The residential settlement consists of nine houses, three 3 bedroom, a 4 bedroom, a 5 bedroom, three 6 bedroom and a 7 bedroom house. The daytime areas are situated towards the south, the nighttime area towards the north. In the middle, you find the bathrooms and the connecting stairs to the basement. All the bathrooms get natural light through rooftop windows. Situated on both lateral sides of the houses are outdoor living spaces divided through the remaining of the rising of the building. The basement, as well as the parking lot is built with conventional techniques, not so the ground floor, which is constructed with the typical earthhome construction principle of sprayed concrete. The isolation consists of recycled glass. The water protection is added directly on the sprayed concrete. On top of the isolation is a protective layer with natural earth, which can be used to grow grass or plants on the rooftop.'

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Laptop Desk.

Laptop Desk.

Some call it a Lap Desk while others call it a Desk Lap Laptop Support System, here we have a Lap Tray which we would like to call Laptop stand/desk. Though, it also has a variety of other functions such as a breakfast table, study table, bed desk, or as a lap desk. Made of anodized aluminum, weighs 5.29 lbs and can stand weights of up to 26.5 lbs; it has a stable, flat, platform-like surface, to balance whatever you need to place on it, all while keeping your lap cool and comfortable. It can easily change its shape to suit a wide variety of functions. All you have to do is just press the button, change the position, and release the button to set it in place. Comes with a price tag of $130.

Laptop Desk (5) 1
Laptop Desk (5) 3
Laptop Desk (5) 4
Laptop Desk (5) 5
Laptop Desk (5) 2
<a href="//">Watch the "Laptop Desk" Video on Youtube</a>

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E-Glue For Kids.

E-Glue is specialized in adhesive designs for kids, with a purpose much more than just simple decoration. Now if we consider space as a white page for illustration, then e-glue opens a window of imagination, by transforming various supports into narrative spaces, where kids and parents can create, learn and have fun. E-Glue designs all their illustrations and hand-make all the stickers that ensures the quality is high, from drawing to manufacturing, and packaging to handing over. Putting up the finalized product is simple, and can be done by anyone, and just if you think you need some instructions on how to go about it, an instruction booklet and a small scraper are included into each parcel. These adhesive vinyls can be glued on all flat and clean surfaces, can be repositioned during the installation, and removed without leaving traces. And E-Glue offers custom-made service, which allows one to get closest to their expectations.

E-Glue For Kids (5) 1
E-Glue For Kids (5) 2
E-Glue For Kids (5) 3
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Sep 25, 2008

Barcode Building: Shtrikh Kod.

Barcode building called Shtrikh Kod is a visually interesting shopping center in Petersburg, designed by architects Vitruvius and Sons. Built in a large center next to the Volodarsky Bridge with gray public housing all around, the bright red barcode building really livens up the place. Vitruvius and Sons liven up this space by introducing a splash of color.

Barcode Building (5) 1
Barcode Building (5) 2
Barcode Building (5) 3(Image: Credit).
Barcode Building (5) 4
Barcode Building (5) 5(Image: Credit).

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