Aug 21, 2008

Tennis Ball Furniture.

Tennis Ball Furniture.

Collection of ‘Tennis Ball Furniture’ from all over the world.

Tennis ball bench:

Tennis ball bench (2) 1
Tennis ball bench (2) 2Creative Dutch designer Tejo Remy and Rene Veenhuizen has found an interesting use for the bright yellow bouncy felt-and-rubber balls that could be enjoyed by the visitors at Rotterdam's Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. Using the same material qualities that make tennis balls bright, bouncy and easy-to-spot, they used it to make the seating that is comfortable, sturdy, and extremely eye-catching. The seats are made from a steel frame and dozens of tennis balls.

Tennis ball chair:

Tennis ball chairThe tennis ball chair is constructed with a chromed steel frame. Twenty-five tennis balls were fit inside the two layers and arranged in place. The tennis balls here are not glued in place; they are held in place by larger holes in the top and smaller holes in the bottom sheets of plywood so the balls don't push through when you sit on it.

Tennis ball seat:

Tennis ball seatThe tennis ball seat from Charles Furniture. It has a stainless steel frame and legs; a total of 117 tennis balls are used behind to support. And by all means, it's very comfortable.

And here is a bonus - Ball carpet:

Ball carpetDiane Steverlynck from Belgium created a Modulle carpet, a flexible carpet made of felted wool balls. Each unit is independent from the others. One can create ones own designs of the carpet. To put them together, just pin them on the velcro layer. Anytime any design. Isn't it cool!

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