Aug 29, 2008

Smart Billboards.

Marketers need to keep come up with new ways to convey the message which makes one feel its personalized and make them feel special.

Billboard 'Whispers' At Passersby:

Billboard Whispers At PassersbyBlueBlastMedia's JP Freeley incorporated sound with the Audio Spotlight system along with regular billboard. Using the Audio Spotlight technology, sound can be focused to only a specific area, and provide audio just to that small region - all the way from a rooftop. The system projects sound down onto a focused area of the sidewalk and people who pass by the billboard are entertained by the sudden message, and their attention is directed to the billboard itself. The sound of a women's voice whispers, "Who's there? Who's There? ...It's not your imagination."

Billboard: Tailor Made Digital Display:

Billboard: Tailor Made Digital DisplayThese are equipped with tiny cameras which gather the details about the passersby; their gender, approximate age and how long they looked at the billboard which are transmitted to a central database. Its said that the cameras use software to determine that a person is standing in front of a billboard, then analyze facial features to judge the person's gender and age. And the end result is to tailor a digital display to the person standing in front of it.

Talking Billboards:

Talking Billboards (2) 1
Talking Billboards (2) 2(Image credit: theautochannel.)
Talking billboards identify approaching Mini Cooper drivers by using a signal from a radio chip embedded in their keys and technology that is making the experiment possible is radio frequency identification, or RFID.

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