Aug 17, 2008

Mixed Links And Images: Post - 17.

Mixed Links And Images: Post - 17.

Here is a collection ‘Mixed Links And Images’ from around the world.

TricycleIts a unique concept as it can be go on all three wheels and it can also be used as a motorcycle. It can be rotated around a longitudinal axis running from the front to the rear right wheel with the left wheel raised into the air and you get the motorcycle.

A close call:

plane going to close to roadWater pipes:

water pipes (4) 1
water pipes (4) 2
water pipes (4) 3
water pipes (4) 4Incidents do happen and here the water could be seen going upto 3-4 floors high.

What happened to the interior of this car:

interior of the carPaper car instructions:

Paper car instructionIt has a gallery of cars made from paper. Link.

Airline safety rules

airline safety rulesClick on the image to enlarge.


snakes (3) 1
snakes (3) 2
snakes (3) 3One wrong step and you are gone.

Wear your background:

wear your background (3) 1
wear your background (3) 2
wear your background (3) 3
The whole department seems to be out of gas:

waiting for gasLan Party:

lan party (3) 1
lan party (3) 2
lan party (3) 3Cant expect much:

(Image credit: unknown).

Interesting thought:

creativity with screws (2) 1Dandelion of nails:

creativity with screws (2) 2Top Ten Canadian Camping Destinations:

Top Ten Canadian Camping DestinationsAre you looking for the best camping destination in Canada? The best way to know Canada is through its national parks: link.

Interesting way to make your baby sleep while you work on system:

Interesting way to make your baby sleep while you work on laptopTips for Improving Your Landscape Photography:

Tips for Improving Your Landscape PhotographyLink

The beaches, by the lake Ontario, east of downtown Toronto:

The beaches, by the lake Ontario, east of downtown Toronto

Popcorn with cell phones:

<a href="">Watch the "Popcorn with cell phones" Video on Youtube</a>

Paint on bikes:

Paint on bikes (3) 1
Paint on bikes (3) 2
Paint on bikes (3) 3Now why would anyone want to put paint on their bike?

If your wardrobe includes a shiny tinfoil hat, then here is an interesting post for you. (Thanks Kelly for sending in the link)

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