Aug 7, 2008

Transport Design At The Petersburg State Academy Of Art And Industry.

Here are a few project designs for the diplomas at Transport design at the Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry, Department of Design.

Katerina Aleshina, Vitaliy Kamishev: The concept of urban vehicle.

urban vehicle (3) 1
urban vehicle (3) 2
urban vehicle (3) 3It's an urban passenger vehicle project, has a combined pattern which allows it to work on the public roads and trestles too, giving the advantage over other vehicles.

Aleksey Bondarev: Cargo cycle.

Cargo cycle (2) 1
Cargo cycle (2) 2The project is designed for large sites and vast areas such as airports, warehouses, areas up to 3 km. Advantages: its light - handling (weighs about 55 kgs) compared to loaders. It doesn't require any fuel or power to function, which makes it a cost effective service with no pollution and as one needs to paddle it to make it move, it helps in maintaining fitness too.

Olga Sall: A tourist submarine "SKAT".

tourist submarine (2) 1
tourist submarine (2) 2With the increasing number of underwater hotels, restaurants, entertainment centers, 'SKAT' is something apt for transportation to such places. Apart from these, it has numerous other uses such as: for sports, underwater archaeological research, tourism, marine photography and underwater videos and various other applications.

Ivan Striganov: Patrol ion-plane.

plane (2) 1
plane (2) 2Source: ru.designeast (Russian).

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