Aug 18, 2008

Wilkinson Residence.

Architect Robert Harvey Oshatz came up with this design keeping in view the requirements of the client: the client wanted a house that not only became a part of the natural landscape but also addressed the flow of music. The Wilkinson Residence is located in Portland, Oregon. Douglas fir is used as expressed structural elements within the home. The design uses a natural wood ceiling that floats on curving laminated wood and passes through glass walls which wraps around the main living room. Private spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms are located downstairs while the upper floor of the home accommodates the more public functions of the home.

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Wilkinson Residence (7) 2'The steep slope of the site provided an opportunity to bring the building out into the forest canopy. Entry to the house is made through a small courtyard after walking down a steep driveway. The floor then continues out over the slope as the ground rapidly drops away. By the time the cantilevered deck reaches out amongst the trees, the floor level is some 25 feet above the ground.'
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