Aug 22, 2008

Furniture That Suits Your Style.

If you are furnishing or redoing your home, then perhaps you might be interested to check out this furniture. There have been a few changes & things aren't the same you saw the time when you furnished the last time.

Robert Stadler's Pool and Pouf:

Furniture That's Fits Your StylePlusharoid camera couch:

Plusharoid camera couch

Rock and Pebble furniture:

Rock and Pebble furniture (2) 1
Rock and Pebble furniture (2) 2These look so real that one might just think them to be rocks, part of a landscaping. But these rocks are the home furniture designed by Stephanie Marine

Eco-Friendly Furniture: When one can make eco-friendly furniture out of these old tires then why throw them off! State of the art furniture can be created using these; ranging from tables, chairs, sofas & apart from these, there are many other uses too: purse, shoes, sandals, sculptures, well the list seems to be never ending. And the best part is there wont be much of wear & tear, it can really be ultra hard wearing & weather proof.

Creativity With Recycled Tires (20) 1 Read the rest: here.

Pooktre Chair:

shaping of trees for furniturePeterand Becky have mastered the art what they call Pooktre, which is the shaping of trees as they grow in predetermined designs. And the product we see is amazingly high quality indoor furniture.

Banquette Chair with Pandas:

 Banquette Chair with PandasThis Banquette Chair with Pandas is the creation of Fernando & Humberto Campana & is a limited edition of 25 pieces.

Recycled Furniture:

furniture  few created with a plastic boxes (3) 1 Here are a few created with a plastic boxes.

Car Furniture: If you are the one who cant stay away from your car & wish that in some way your car too can be in your living room, then here is something for you: Car Sofas. These are the unique sofas, which are made from the trunk of a car. Though these are from the classic cars & if you like you may get one or make one for yourself from your old car.

Innovative Sitting Arrangements (15) 1
Innovative Sitting Arrangements (15) 2 Read the rest: here.

Alexander Kneller Side Chair:

Alexander Kneller Side chairThis one has a nifty & huge slide-out storage compartments were you can store your books or just anything.

Antidiva Micama Chair:

Antidiva Micama Chair The Antidiva Micama Chair is a versatile piece of furniture. The outer cover can be in fabric or leather & the chair can be filled with the material of your choice.

Treetrunk bench:

Treetrunk benchComes with a price tag of € 11000 excl. trunk, the back covers of chairs made in bronze, can be put in any tree trunk.

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