Aug 18, 2008

Canada's Longest Footbridge.

Canada's Longest Footbridge.

There are two footbridges over the canyon. Canada's longest footbridge extends an amazing 600 ft long across and is 152 ft above the ground. The other bridge spans 300 ft across the canyon and is 125 ft above the canyon floor. Eagle Canyon is a privately owned site near Ouimet Canyon, situated in Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park in Northwestern Ontario. In the Ouimet Canyon area, there are rare alpine flowers that are considered especially beautiful and arctic plants normally found 1000 km further north. One can view the beautiful unique surroundings from over the bridges. There are about 30 campsites and you can get a campsite for $ 30 per night and it offers everything you will need for a comfortable time.

Canada's Longest Footbridge
Canada's Longest Footbridge (8) 1
Canada's Longest Footbridge (8) 2
Canada's Longest Footbridge (8) 3
Canada's Longest Footbridge (8) 4(Image credit: rickwiggins).
Canada's Longest Footbridge (8) 5(Image credit: canyoncountryontario).
Canada's Longest Footbridge (8) 6(Image credit: waymarking).
Canada's Longest Footbridge (8) 7(Image credit: thunderbaynow).

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