Aug 16, 2008

Flower Carpet.

Flower Carpet.

Grand-Place considered one of Europe's most beautiful squares, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the area larger than a football field, surrounded by ornate 17th-century buildings is carpeted every two years and the carpet is a floral carpet made entirely of fresh flowers. It's a major event for locals and tourists alike. The event only lasts for three days and this year's floral creation will be on show from Aug. 15-17, with workers arranging it on Aug. 14. According to the organizers, this year's design is "inspired from a real carpet from the 18th century made by the French factories la Savonnerie", a design which is expected to require a million begonias to complete and about 1000 people to create this impressive display of floral art.

Flower Carpet (9) 1
Flower Carpet (9) 2
Flower Carpet (9) 3
Flower Carpet (9) 4
Flower Carpet (9) 5
Flower Carpet (9) 6
Flower Carpet (9) 7
Flower Carpet (9) 8Flower Carpet (9) 9Source: dallasnews, Photos: quarsan [Flickr].

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