Aug 26, 2008

Cool Umbrella: Eco-Brolly.

'Eco-Brolly' designed by Shiu Yuk Yuen has a pocket size, lightweight frame designed to utilize anything that is lying around, it can reuse and adapt objects such as newspapers, cards and plastic bags and turn them into an umbrella. Though suitable for short distance travel, it can also be used for longer distance journeys by stabilizing at the ends. It can be quite handy as its compact if one has to deal with unpredictable weather.

Cool Umbrella: Eco-Brolly (4) 1Cool Umbrella: Eco-Brolly (4) 2Cool Umbrella: Eco-Brolly (4) 3Cool Umbrella: Eco-Brolly (4) 4(Image credit: yankodesign.

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