Aug 15, 2008

Designer Day Care By 70ºN Arkitektur.

These aren't one of those day cares, which were in late 70's. This is the 'Designer Day Care' designed by 70ºN Arkitektur which is the result of an architectural competition in Tromsø, Norway. Tromsö municipality announced the competition following a state decision regarding a guaranteed place for every child.
The lack of pre-school places in the municipality was put to test using the latest architecture and the results are quite interesting. They chose adjustable walls with inbuilt play possibilities; shelves, drawers, blackboards, climbing partitions, toys and other furniture are partially integrated into the walls.
With an intention to have the possibility of variety in the use of rooms, these were designed. With very simple moves, one can change each room into new rooms of various sizes and functions that allow staff to change it as needed. Each base has two adjustable walls, fixed in one end and wheels on the other, that gives several options for combinations and joint actions of rooms and spaces.

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