Aug 15, 2008

Crystal Encrusted Gadgets.

Crystal Encrusted Gadgets.

Here is a collection ‘Crystal Encrusted Gadgets’ from around the world.

Swarovski-Studded Retro Mike:

Swarovski-Studded Retro MikeThe retro mike comes with a cool price tag of $3,770.

Swarovski Headphones:

Swarovski Headphone (2) 1(Image: Credit).
Swarovski Headphone (2) 2Comes in multiple colors with a price tag of $2,500.

Swarovski Crystal-Studded Nintendo DS Lite:

Swarovski Crystal-Studded Nintendo DS LiteCome you with another interesting idea if you want to add bling to your gadget than adding the Swarovski crystals. This Swarovski studded Nintendo DS Lite is of noted Japanese designer Tikko.

Laptop Bejeweled With 300 Swarovski Crystals:

Laptop Bejeweled With 300 Swarovski CrystalsThe exclusive limited edition Medion Swarovski notebook is embossed with 300 Swarovski crystals.The grandiose SIM 2060 laptop features a 1.73 GHz Core Duo processor, a 12.1-inch display, 1GB DDR2 RAM, a 100 GB hard drive, WiFi, Bluetooth, Gigabit Ethernet, a SD/MMC/Memory Stick card reader, an ExpressCard 54, and a dual-layer DVDburner. And comes with a price tag of $1,900.

Tivoli Audio's limited edition real crystal radio:

Tivoli Audio's limited edition real crystal radioThe Tivoli Model One radio comes with handcrafted crystals by Scandanavian glass artist Per B. Sundberg. A Model One by itself is just $119.99 but the intricate glasswork hikes the tag to over US $4200.

Swarovski Crystal VinylKiller:

Swarovski Crystal VinylKillerIt's a cute little record player shaped like a Volkswagen van, which plays music by driving round the record with a needle that is underneath the car.

Swarovski Earphones:

Swarovski EarphonesA retractable earphone encrusted with crystals.

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