Aug 13, 2008

Extra-Wide Contact Lenses.

Extra-Wide Contact Lenses.

It's really hard for anyone not to notice the big-eyed girls in Japanese comics, cartoon videos or anime art. They look cute and those eyes add a touch of innocence to their faces. As physically it isn't possible to make actual human eyes larger, but there seems to be an interesting development to get that effect: extra-wide contact lenses.

Extra-Wide Contact Lenses (2) 1
Extra-Wide Contact Lenses (2) 2Now girls can get the anime look with these extra-wide contact lenses. These aren't the regular contacts, these are tinted prominently in the extra-wide outer ring and the result is the appearance of a wider and bigger iris. Set of these can cost about $35-$50 per pair and are made by a variety of companies like Geo and Dueba. Just one other thing, these are custom made and aren't just cosmetic and can last up to an year if proper care is taken.

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