Aug 30, 2008

Colors From The Past: Urban Exploration.

Colors From The Past: Urban Exploration.

Here are a few photos from Urban Exploration which looks quite interesting.

Colors From Past (5) 1Now this place is filled with graffitis though it was once a glass factory in Berlin.

Colors From Past (5) 2The roof spaces of the building in the Beelitz Heilstätten.

Colors From Past (5) 3Stairs that must have seen decades pass by.

Colors From Past (5) 4What was left off!

Colors From Past (5) 5Another one from the Urban Exploration.

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Beautiful Photos From National Geographic.

Here are a few of the most beautiful photos from National Geographic and as usual National Geographic won't miss to amuse its viewers. Wonderful!

Beautiful Photos From National Geographic (8) 1
Beautiful Photos From National Geographic (8) 2
Beautiful Photos From National Geographic (8) 3
Beautiful Photos From National Geographic (8) 4
Beautiful Photos From National Geographic (8) 5
Beautiful Photos From National Geographic (8) 6
Beautiful Photos From National Geographic (8) 7
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Chalkboard Art Car.

Chalkboard Art Car.

Mikey Fletcher covered his 91 Geo Metro with 2 cans of blackboard spray paint and created 'Chalkboard Art Car' which inspires anyone walking by to a spontaneous drawing expression. It has inspired many, who participated by drawing on his car with chalk. One day he went in to get some dinner and half an hour later, there were over a hundred people adding to his car's art. An interesting project!

Chalkboard Art Car (3) 1
Chalkboard Art Car (3) 2
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Aug 29, 2008

Valencia Opera House.

Valencia Opera House.

The Valencia Opera House was officially opened by Queen Sofia of Spain in October 2005. It is named for the Queen as 'el Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía'. Designed by Valencian architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava, the building costs an estimated €120m. The building has a capacity for up to 4,000 people in three different halls (three events can occur simultaneously). The building is located in about 87,000m² of gardens with 10,000m² covering reflecting pools and interlinked surrounding paths. The building is over 70m in height with 40,000m² in total floor area.
The roof or 'feather plume' is the most spectacular, and is 230m in length. It was designed with the dual intention of acting as a multi-hall auditorium and creating a spectacular urban landmark for the city. The most conspicuous features are two narrow coverings. This innovative design lets one to watch rehearsals through glass panels and enjoy the extravaganza from the boat-like opera house's 'decks.'

The Palau de les Arts has four auditoriums:
The Sala Principal or The Main Hall, with seating for 1.700. It's created by curved surfaces and interior boxes of white concrete and has an intense visual power. The stage has its sidearms and back extension at the performance level and underneath, and has facilities with moving platforms letting sufficient scenery for two operas simultaneously. The orchestra area is 180 sq meters with a capacity for 120 musicians making it the third largest in the world, and equal to the one in the Teatro Real in Madrid.

Master Room:
The Master Room with seating for 400 is located on the western side of the building. It is specially designed for live performances of small music ensembles.

Amphitheatre with seating for 1500 has advanced sound, cinema and video systems for live performances and shows, and for projecting cultural events on large screens. The stage has a system of moving parts allowing it to be transformed into tiers of seats for large choirs and orchestras.

Chamber Theatre is an independent building to the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía. It has a hall with a capacity of 400 for experimental theatre, where the Professional Training Center will be located and has exhibition rooms for painting, sculpture and so on.

Valencia Opera House (11) 1
Valencia Opera House (11) 2
Valencia Opera House (11) 3(Image: manuelasiener.)
Valencia Opera House (11) 4(Image credit: max78.)
Valencia Opera House (11) 5(Image credit: el-mundo.)
Valencia Opera House (11) 6(Image credit: pauet.)
Valencia Opera House (11) 7(Image credit: kalamatianos.)
Valencia Opera House (11) 8
Valencia Opera House (11) 9
Valencia Opera House (11) 10(Image credit: via-arquitectura.)

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Smart Billboards.

Marketers need to keep come up with new ways to convey the message which makes one feel its personalized and make them feel special.

Billboard 'Whispers' At Passersby:

Billboard Whispers At PassersbyBlueBlastMedia's JP Freeley incorporated sound with the Audio Spotlight system along with regular billboard. Using the Audio Spotlight technology, sound can be focused to only a specific area, and provide audio just to that small region - all the way from a rooftop. The system projects sound down onto a focused area of the sidewalk and people who pass by the billboard are entertained by the sudden message, and their attention is directed to the billboard itself. The sound of a women's voice whispers, "Who's there? Who's There? ...It's not your imagination."

Billboard: Tailor Made Digital Display:

Billboard: Tailor Made Digital DisplayThese are equipped with tiny cameras which gather the details about the passersby; their gender, approximate age and how long they looked at the billboard which are transmitted to a central database. Its said that the cameras use software to determine that a person is standing in front of a billboard, then analyze facial features to judge the person's gender and age. And the end result is to tailor a digital display to the person standing in front of it.

Talking Billboards:

Talking Billboards (2) 1
Talking Billboards (2) 2(Image credit: theautochannel.)
Talking billboards identify approaching Mini Cooper drivers by using a signal from a radio chip embedded in their keys and technology that is making the experiment possible is radio frequency identification, or RFID.

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Stone Age Rock Art.

Stone Age Rock Art.

In the Northern England, there has been a discovery of more than 100 elaborate carvings dating back to thousands of years. These include a series of intricate designs of concentric circles, interlocking rings and hollowed cups. The art is in open, but so remote that it had been there undisturbed and undetected for thousands of years, thought to be the work of Neolithic man.

Stone Age Rock Art (5) 1
Stone Age Rock Art (5) 2
v 3
Stone Age Rock Art (5) 4
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Aug 28, 2008

Icebergs Comes In Stripes.

Icebergs Comes In Stripes.

The Norwegian sailor Oyvind Tangen when on a research in the Antartic, came across unusual black lines striped through an iceberg.

Icebergs Comes In Stripes (12) 1(Image: credit.)
Icebergs Comes In Stripes (12) 2(Image: credit.)
Icebergs Comes In Stripes (12) 3(Image credit: credit.)
Icebergs Comes In Stripes (12) 4(Image: credit.)
Most of them appear white due to the tiny bubbles within them that scatter light in all directions. When a crevice in the ice sheet or a part of an iceberg melts and quickly refreezes, then bubbles are not formed and it can appear blue.

Icebergs Comes In Stripes (12) 5(Image: credit.)
Icebergs Comes In Stripes (12) 6(Image: credit.)
Icebergs Comes In Stripes (12) 7(Image: credit.)
Icebergs Comes In Stripes (12) 8(Image: credit.)
When an iceberg falls into the sea, a layer of salty seawater can form ice on its underside. If that is rich in algae, it can form a green stripes. Brown, black and yellow lines are formed by sediments, that might be picked up when the ice sheet is on its way downhill towards the sea.

Icebergs Comes In Stripes (12) 9(Image: credit.)
Icebergs Comes In Stripes (12) 10(Image: credit.)
Icebergs Comes In Stripes (12) 11(Image: credit.)
Icebergs Comes In Stripes (12) 12(Image: credit.)

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Sweater-Inspired Sculptures And Floor Lamp.

Sweater-Inspired Sculptures And Floor Lamp.

Designers Rie Egawa and Burgess Zbryk created these interesting sculptures and floor lamp. What made it more interesting are the unique textures (knitted fabric as texture) and their shapes. Quite a combination, 'wool yarn, steel plastic and light' and the results are artistically splendid!

Sweater-Inspired Sculptures And Floor Lamp (3) 1
Sweater-Inspired Sculptures And Floor Lamp (3) 2
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