Jul 31, 2008

Motor Guitar.

It's from the movies of the fifties, that it became evident that the electric guitar and motorcycle were first cousins! Building this instrument was really fun for McGilton and what made it special was to get the circuit working for the engine sounds. There are separate control buttons for REV and IDLE on the crankcase (pickguard cover). You have to pull down the vibrato arm (machined like a kickstarter), and pressing the rev button to start the Motor Guitar. At the ends of the exhaust pipes there are output jacks, one for the guitar circuit, the other for the engine sounds. Apart from this the balance is adjusted with the guitar output volume, and with 2 jacks; engine sounds and guitar have separate jacks in exhaust trumpets for stereo effects, and to permit guitar to go through effect boxes. It has 12" rubber tire, chrome spokes and disc brake son the wheel.
The creator: Exotic Guitars are the work of McGilton, winner of a National Sculpture Award, an Art Educator, Artist, and Inventor. He has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts, and postgraduate studies in classical instrument construction. These guitars are the result of decades of invention and imagination.

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