Jul 27, 2008

Mixed Links and Images: Part - 15.

Mixed Links And Images: Part - 15.

Here is a collection ‘Mixed Links and Images - 15’ from around the world.

Stumbler's Day: 'This image pretty much summarizes my typical day since I joined StumbleUpon.' So how many of you have this typical day :)

Stumbler's DayCooling Computer:

Cooling Computer (5) 1
Cooling Computer (5) 2
Cooling Computer (5) 3
Cooling Computer (5) 4
Cooling Computer (5) 5
Cooling Computer (5) 6Statue of Liberty maze unveiled in Yorkshire:

Statue of Liberty maze unveiled in YorkshirA maze featuring a recreation of the Statue of Liberty 10 times larger than the original has been unveiled in Yorkshire. Composed of more than a million living maize plants and covering about 18 acres, its one of the biggest mazes ever constructed. Link.

Interesting Plane:

Interesting Plane (8) 1
Interesting Plane (8) 2
Interesting Plane (8) 3
Interesting Plane (8) 4
Interesting Plane (8) 5
Interesting Plane (8) 6
Interesting Plane (8) 7
Interesting Plane (8) 8Interesting Installation:

Interesting Installation Worker, an intervention by sculptor/artist Pauline.

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