Jul 29, 2008

HP And Its Huge Packing.

HP And Its Huge Packing.

The below picture is of a package received by Mike Cresswell a Reg reader a while ago from HP.

HP And Its Huge Packing (3) 1"As you can see, it had been shipped on a wooden pallet, no doubt to support the immense weight involved. We tore back the black plastic so that the awesome size of the package on the pallet could be seen. "When we finally finished taking pictures and falling around laughing we found the package contained one vanilla flavour PS2 mouse. We could only think that it was a much fatter mouse when it was shipped but had lost a lot of weight due to the amount of time it took to arrive."

And here is another one again from HP: 17 boxes to protect 32 A4 sheets.

HP And Its Huge Packing (3) 2
HP And Its Huge Packing (3) 3

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