Jul 28, 2008

Eyelid Tattoos - Something That You Need To Think About.

We thought we are through with the tattoo posts and we had enough of these, and again we came across something really interesting and we felt it needs to be posted. And here we have 'Eyelid Tattoos', now this is something extreme and even an artistic challenge for the artist too, to work on such thin and delicate part of the body. This makes us think why people need to do it at the first place, perhaps may be these people must have had enough of the traditional places which are mostly hidden under clothing and now want something extreme and different! Very realistic.

Eyelid Tattoos (9) 1(Image: Credit).

Eyelid Tattoos (9) 3(Image: Credit).

Eyelid Tattoos (9) 4(Image: Credit).

Eyelid Tattoos (9) 5(Image: Credit).

Eyelid Tattoos (9) 6(Image Credit).

Eyelid Tattoos (9) 7(Image: Credit).

Eyelid Tattoos (9) 2(Image: Credit).

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