Jul 21, 2008

Scotland's Painted Sheep.

Scotland's Painted Sheep.

A farmer painted his flock of sheep a brilliant red which were let out on a hillside beside the M8 in West Lothian (Scotland). The red sheep were to entertain the motorists driving past & perhaps to "brighten things up". It took him a few hours for spray painting the woolly mammals using animal-friendly dye & which remained for a month until sheared.

Painted Sheep (7) 1(Image credit: ).

Painted Sheep (7) 2(Image credit: davydubbit).

Painted Sheep (7) 3(Image credit: allys_scotland).

Painted Sheep (7) 4
Painted Sheep (7) 5(Image credit: yodasarmpit).
This one comes from India:

Painted Sheep (7) 6(Image: Credit).

How about this yellow one? Can this be the beginning of the new fad!

Painted Sheep (7) 7(Image credit: anitagould).

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