Jul 3, 2008

Money Work By Ray Beldner.

Ray Beldner, BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute & an MFA from Mills College in Oakland, California, taught sculpture & interdisciplinary studies at the San Francisco Art Institute & the California College of the Arts. And presently is an Assistant Professor of Art at St Mary's College in Moraga, CA. Various publications has reviewed his work which includes Arte, Art on Paper, Wired, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, The Village Voice, International Herald Tribune, & The New York Times. Here we have his money work which is quite impressive & it looks like only dollars are been used for making it & no foreign currency is been used. Money now becomes a medium for some interesting work of art.

Cut Dollar:

Money Work (6) 1
Money Work (6) 2Untitled cut dollar installation (1998), Cut dollar bills, plexiglass, wood. 2 5/8 x 6 1/8" each.

Dollar Dollies:

Money Work (6) 3Money Bags:

Money Work (6) 4Money Sculptures:

Money Work (6) 5
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