Jul 2, 2008

NYC Art Waterfalls.

NYC Art Waterfalls.

The art waterfalls installed under the Brooklyn Bridge, looking towards lower Manhattan is a spectacular piece of public art. An £ 8 million project which took more than two years in the making is one of the four created by Danish artist Olafur Eliasson. This art installation is expected to generate more than £30 million in tourist revenue & other economic activities. The other three are at Governor's Island & at the end of two river piers. Its city's biggest public art project since Christo & Jeanne-Claude's saffron-colored Gates Project in Central Park in 2005.

NYC Art Waterfalls (7) 1(Image: credit).

NYC Art Waterfalls (7) 2(Image: credit).

NYC Art Waterfalls (7) 3(Image: credit).

NYC Art Waterfalls (7) 4
NYC Art Waterfalls (7) 6
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