Jul 5, 2008

Innovative Advertisements.

Here are a few of the creative & innovative advertisements, which we are sure you are going to like.

Advertisements Using Trolley:

Advertisements Using Trolley (3) 1Feed SA - Trolley: Very clever & smart, great advertisement.

Advertisements Using Trolley (3) 2Fiat Professional- Trolley - 'The lowest loading height in its class. The Fiat Ducato'. Interesting.

Advertisements Using Trolley (3) 3Lay's Baked - Trolley: Interesting concept.

Advertisements From Australian Posts:

Advertisements From Australian Posts (2) 1Australia Post - Hug: 'If you really want to touch someone, send them a letter'. Innovative design.

Advertisements From Australian Posts (2) 2We did come across this one in past, still it looks interesting.

Advertisements Using Cds:

Advertisements Using Cds (3) 1Van Dobben croquets: 'Golf Van Dobben, croquet manufacturer in Holland signed up exclusively with almost 400 golfclubs. Croquettes are a delicious snack that is often enjoyed after a game of golf. In the last hole they placed round cards with a little hole in the middle. When the golfer reaches for the ball, his attention is immediately drawn to the message.'

Advertisements Using Cds (3) 2esom Music Store: Interesting.

Advertisements Using Cds (3) 3Heineken DraughtKeg: CDs.

Service 24 Austria: It's a break-down-Service that provides services to their customers around the clock. To advertise this service, a car with a mechanic working underneath it - represented by two plastic legs sticking out - drove around the city.

Service 24 Austria (4) 1(Image Credit).

Service 24 Austria (4) 2
Service 24 Austria (4) 3
Service 24 Austria (4) 4(Image: Credit).

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