Jul 15, 2008

Cool Clocks and Creative Clock Designs.

Cool Clocks and Creative Clock Designs.

Here is a collection ‘Cool Clocks and Creative Clock Designs’ from around the world.

Making Your Own Clock:

Making Your Own Clock (4) 1
Making Your Own Clock  (4) 2
Making Your Own Clock (4) 3
Making Your Own Clock (4) 4This clock comes with the mechanism to keep time & you need to use just about anything small, cylindrical, lightweight as long as it fits through the holes, it can be twigs or pencils or just about anything; get creative!

150 Moving Hands To Show The Hours Of The Day:

Some Really Interesting & Creative Clocks (2) 1
Some Really Interesting & Creative Clocks (2) 2Designed by Christiaan Postma, it uses more than 150 moving hands to show the hours of the day. It was one of the most memorable objects of the fair that was launched in at Spazio Rosana Orlandi in Milan. You have to see it to appreciate it, these photos aren't showing the real mesmerizing thing.

Clock That Tells Time With Text:

Clock That Tells Time With TextUsing a green LED bulletin board, Singapore designer Hans Tan created the idea of a Clock II which displays the current time using a lengthy textual description. Though it looks like the only thing with this one, would be by the time you're done reading the entire message, the time probably would have changed.

Glo Pillow Brightens To Wake You:

Glo Pillow Brightens To Wake YouIt's a pillow, which works as an alarm clock, the internal grid of LEDs begins to glow about 40 minutes before it's set to wake you up. An interesting idea to make one get up slowly & gently by increasing the light that brings the person out of sleep naturally. Its not a surprise that it picked up one of Time Magazine's Best Inventions of 2007 awards, as it deserves it.

Clock Tells Time In Years:

Clock Tells Time In YearsEach number on the dial corresponds to a 7-year period, 'The Life Clock', by Betrand Planeshttp, moves at 1/61,320 of the speed of a standard timepiece & tells time not in hours, minutes or seconds, but in years.

The Carpet Alarm Clock:

The Carpet Alarm Clock
The Carpet Alarm ClockHere is another one with an interesting concept: to turn it off, you have to get up and step on it. Sofie Collin and Gustav Lanber are designers behind this interesting clock.

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