Jul 17, 2008

"Slat House" of Marina Del Rey.

"Slat House" of Marina Del Rey.

Here we have the home of David Feldman, the co-founder and CEO of Y Lighting, the largest online lighting retailer and specializes in modern lighting fixtures for the home. As David being an owner of a lighting concern, paid special attention to the lighting aspect of the home's design and made sure that the house gets a lot of natural light in the daytime through large windows and skylights. His enthusiasm for modern home décor extends beyond his professional life. He works and lives modern. This very house was once a shingle and tiled, sitting on a small 35 x 90 lot. And it was when Dave's family decided to move into their new beachside home, Dave planned to bring down the old structure and come up with new one but they had one big problem on their hands: the local building codes. Due to these codes, the home couldn't be rebuilt and maintain its ocean view, and in order to preserve the view, the existing structure would have to remain on the property. It was at this time, the David Hertz Architects were hired to find the solution. And the firm did come up with a unique solution after many renovations, and a remodel design so that the house is now known as the "Slat House" of Marina Del Rey. The architects encased the entire exterior with Ipe wood slats, a Brazilian wood that's incredibly strong. And the best part was the slats gave the impression of elevation without increasing the size of the home. Apart from this the slats creates wonderful shadow patterns which changes throughout the day. The slats extend upwards on the rooftop to provide a railing, and the slats facing the ocean slide open to provide ocean views and at night the light casts outward from the slats giving the home a unique glow. Dynamic play with light both inside and out, directional lights highlight artwork & using Lutron Spacer system which is programmable and works at the touch of a button, the lighting is controlled.

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Slat House of Marina Del Rey (9) 9
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