Jul 4, 2008

Creative Ikea Advertisements.

Its mostly seen that the Ikea advertisements always have something new, interesting & creative. Here are a few of those which we really liked!

Creative Ikea Advertisements (3) 1Balconies were made to look like storage boxes in Frankfurt. Ad agency: OGILVY Frankfurt, Germany.

Creative Ikea Advertisements (3) 2The hurry seems to be for 60% off. Ad agency: Duval Guillaume, Brussels, Belgium

Creative Ikea Advertisements (3) 3Nice idea, but a bit complicated. Ad agency: Jung von Matt/Hamburg, Germany

Ikea, showroom in an Ikea box:

Ads Using Cardboard Boxes (6) 3A portable showroom dressed to look like a big typical Ikea box in the middle of the city was placed to promote Ikea's new store in Brooklyn.

IKEA's Promotional Train:

This train was a part of promotional advertisement by IKEA, for their new retail store at Port Island. The Kobe Portliner Monorail in Japan was changed into a moving showroom with colorful exterior, interesting patterns adorning the upholstered seats & curtains. The train remained Ikea-ed till May 6. Here are the rest of images: Link.

IKEA's Promotional Train (12) 5
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