Jul 3, 2008

Interesting Parking Advertisements: Part - 2.

Interesting Parking Advertisements: Part - 2.

Here are few more of the "Interesting Parking Advertisements" which we are sure you are going to like.

Parking Advertisements (5) 1Citroën C4 VTS: Parking - These are stickers on a wall, once you park your car there, it looks like you're parked behind a car. "Hard to overtake". Ad agency: EURO RSCG, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Parking Advertisements (5) 2Neostar Official KIA: Parking wall - What do you think of this one? Ad agency: Play Publicidad, Rosario, Argentina.

Parking Advertisements (5) 3Jeep: Parking Space - It would be really interesting to find this installation in the street. Ad agency: Bates Y&R, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Parking Advertisements (5) 4National Geographic Magazine: Parking spots - This month reserved for Biofuel. Nice simple & brilliant. Ad agency: Imagine' Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Parking Advertisements (5) 5A parking lot Home Depot in Austin, TX. Work of ad agency: PS Advertising.

And here is the Part - 1.

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