Jul 31, 2008

Creative and Unique Pillow Designs – Part 2.

Collection of ‘Creative and Unique Pillow Designs’ from all over the world.

Get Cosy:

Creative and Unique Pillow Designs (10) 1
Creative and Unique Pillow Designs (10) 2Designed by Berlin based Bombdesign, which looks for new interpretations of the everyday objects and rethinking the obvious. With Get Cosy you can sit down and slip your cold feet into the second cosy cushion and comfort is assured.

Laptop Pillows:

Creative and Unique Pillow Designs (10) 3These laptop pillows provide laptop users with a portable, heat-shielded surface for increased comfort and stability. Apart from this, sustainable materials and methods are used for the construction of these pillows. We would really like to get one for ourselves.

Reading Pillow:

Creative and Unique Pillow Designs (10) 4Creation of Meg McElwee, a Montessori teacher, fiber artist, and pattern designer.

Pillow with a pocket for TV remote:

Creative and Unique Pillow Designs (10) 5Lips shaped velvet pillow:

Creative and Unique Pillow Designs (10) 6Cute! Available in three sizes and colors.
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System Administrator Appreciation Day.

System Administrator Appreciation Day.

July 25th, 2008 was the 9th Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day, a special international day, a day to show that you truly appreciate the hard work and dedication of your System Administrator. These guys get no respect 364 days a year and the least you could do on this day is to present a nice gift and some public acknowledgement for their diligent work. These are the people who are paged even when the email server goes down at 2 AM on a Sunday, they wake up and have to work. These are the professionals, who plan, worry, fix, push, advocate, protect and make sure your computer is working in a healthy way and your network connection is safe, secure, open, and working.
Its quite a possibility that sometimes you don't even know who your System Administrators are, but this is one day to recognize your System Administrator for their workplace contributions and all the things they do for you and your business.
If you read this, then do thank your sysadmin.

System Administrator Appreciation Day (9) 7
System Administrator Appreciation Day (9) 1
System Administrator Appreciation Day (9) 2
System Administrator Appreciation Day (9) 3
System Administrator Appreciation Day (9) 4
System Administrator Appreciation Day (9) 5
System Administrator Appreciation Day (9) 6

System Administrator Appreciation Day (9) 8
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Motor Guitar.

It's from the movies of the fifties, that it became evident that the electric guitar and motorcycle were first cousins! Building this instrument was really fun for McGilton and what made it special was to get the circuit working for the engine sounds. There are separate control buttons for REV and IDLE on the crankcase (pickguard cover). You have to pull down the vibrato arm (machined like a kickstarter), and pressing the rev button to start the Motor Guitar. At the ends of the exhaust pipes there are output jacks, one for the guitar circuit, the other for the engine sounds. Apart from this the balance is adjusted with the guitar output volume, and with 2 jacks; engine sounds and guitar have separate jacks in exhaust trumpets for stereo effects, and to permit guitar to go through effect boxes. It has 12" rubber tire, chrome spokes and disc brake son the wheel.
The creator: Exotic Guitars are the work of McGilton, winner of a National Sculpture Award, an Art Educator, Artist, and Inventor. He has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts, and postgraduate studies in classical instrument construction. These guitars are the result of decades of invention and imagination.

Motor Guitar (3) 1
Motor Guitar (3) 2
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Jul 30, 2008

Bella Italia Weine By Ippolito Fleitz Group.

Bella Italia is a winestore as well as a restaurant, designed by the team of Gunter Fleitz and Ippolito for Ippolito Fleitz Group. Owned by a typical Sicilian woman, who sells the products of her home country and offers a creative home-style cuisine on an upscale level, sends out the Italianspirit to Germany. Its highlighted by a ceiling mounted with over 90 different mirrors found on garage sales and there is a kind of room in the room. Apart from this, its large oval table, a large round mirror on a wall with textile covering, a carpet and a few of the lamps from the ceiling gives this space a homelike sitting-room.

Bella Italia Weine By Ippolito Fleitz Group (6) 1
Bella Italia Weine By Ippolito Fleitz Group (6) 2
Bella Italia Weine By Ippolito Fleitz Group (6) 3
Bella Italia Weine By Ippolito Fleitz Group (6) 4
Bella Italia Weine By Ippolito Fleitz Group (6) 5
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Street Art Installations - Human Plants.

Street Art Installations - Human Plants.

The Camper - World's Lowest VW Bus.

The Camper - World's Lowest VW Bus.

Volkswagen parts' specialist Just Kampers teamed up with Turner prize nominated artist, Andy Saunders in a bid to create the World's Lowest VW Bus - also known as the Camper. The team lowered the roof, body section and lowered a VW Van (a T25) until it is just 3 foot tall, VW Bus entitled "Vancake" that's fully road legal was created by Saunders and his team in just three days over a weekend at the BugJam event, Santa Pod. Apart from lowering the roof the team also applied a custom paint job and an electric sunroof.

The Camper - World's Lowest VW Bus (3) 1
The Camper - World's Lowest VW Bus (3) 2
The Camper - World's Lowest VW Bus (3) 3(Image credit: carscoop).

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Jul 29, 2008

HP And Its Huge Packing.

HP And Its Huge Packing.

The below picture is of a package received by Mike Cresswell a Reg reader a while ago from HP.

HP And Its Huge Packing (3) 1"As you can see, it had been shipped on a wooden pallet, no doubt to support the immense weight involved. We tore back the black plastic so that the awesome size of the package on the pallet could be seen. "When we finally finished taking pictures and falling around laughing we found the package contained one vanilla flavour PS2 mouse. We could only think that it was a much fatter mouse when it was shipped but had lost a lot of weight due to the amount of time it took to arrive."

And here is another one again from HP: 17 boxes to protect 32 A4 sheets.

HP And Its Huge Packing (3) 2
HP And Its Huge Packing (3) 3

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Transparent Canoe.

Transparent Canoe.

It's made out of polycarbonate material lighter than most aluminium or wood canoes, weighs only 40 lbs., and this transparent canoe provides 100% visibility. Comes with a price tag of $1,475.

Transparent Canoe (3) 1
Transparent Canoe (3) 2
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Jul 28, 2008

Eyelid Tattoos - Something That You Need To Think About.

We thought we are through with the tattoo posts and we had enough of these, and again we came across something really interesting and we felt it needs to be posted. And here we have 'Eyelid Tattoos', now this is something extreme and even an artistic challenge for the artist too, to work on such thin and delicate part of the body. This makes us think why people need to do it at the first place, perhaps may be these people must have had enough of the traditional places which are mostly hidden under clothing and now want something extreme and different! Very realistic.

Eyelid Tattoos (9) 1(Image: Credit).

Eyelid Tattoos (9) 3(Image: Credit).

Eyelid Tattoos (9) 4(Image: Credit).

Eyelid Tattoos (9) 5(Image: Credit).

Eyelid Tattoos (9) 6(Image Credit).

Eyelid Tattoos (9) 7(Image: Credit).

Eyelid Tattoos (9) 2(Image: Credit).

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The Leonardo Glass Cube By 3deluxe.

The Leonardo Glass Cube By 3deluxe.

The Leonardo Glass Cube created by 3deluxe is distinctive corporate architecture for the brand Leonardo. This integrative design concept is an interesting combination of architecture, interior designing and landscaping. One of the design features is the multi-layered composition of the building. This pavilion located somewhere outside the village Baddriburg in Germany 'maintains the difference between ground and architecture, while at the same time bind them together firmly. Fascinating in that sense is the plinth at the point where the facade hinges into the pavement. Quite a contrast to the fashion to make buildings appear like they are floating above the ground - no, this pavilion stands its ground.'

The Leonardo Glass Cube By 3deluxe (6) 1
The Leonardo Glass Cube By 3deluxe (6) 2
The Leonardo Glass Cube By 3deluxe (6) 3
The Leonardo Glass Cube By 3deluxe (6) 4
The Leonardo Glass Cube By 3deluxe (6) 5
The Leonardo Glass Cube By 3deluxe (6) 6Source: 1, 2, 3.

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