Jun 26, 2008

Fountains With A Difference.

Fountains With A Difference.

We have seen numerous posts with fountains, unusual fountains & various other things. But what we have here is something special & different.

DirtFountain: These photos are of the dirtfountain spread on the cars that were passing by in Novosibirsk

Fountain (5) 1
Fountain (5) 2
Fountain (5) 3
Fountain (5) 4
Fountain (5) 5
Instant Fountain: All you need is a large vehicle or for that matter even a car at high speed would do.

Instant fountain (4) 1(Image: Credit).

Instant fountain (4) 2(Image: Credit).

Instant fountain (4) 3(Image: Credit).

Instant fountain (4) 4(Image: Credit).

Car fountain: it's an art installation work of Spanish artist Juan Galdeano which gives the illusion as if a powerful jet of water is used to sustain the car.

Car fountain (3) 1
Car fountain (3) 2
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