Jun 21, 2008

Cool Looking Offices.

Cool Looking Offices.

Here is a cool collection ‘Cool Looking Offices’ from around the world.

Red Bull - London UK

Red Bull - London UK (3) 2
Red Bull - London UK (3) 1
Red Bull - London UK (3) 3This Soho based London HQ of Red Bull looks really cool. It features slides, just in case if you want to make it fast, has a circular table tennis, just in case if you want to have a set in between the meets. Apart from these, the place gives a rich & pleasant look.

Google Zurich Offices.

Google Zurich Offices (3) 1(Image: Credit).

Google Zurich Offices (3) 2
Google Zurich Offices (3) 3This is office of one of the most powerful companies on earth which features slides, thinking gondolas, meditation bathtubs, pool tables, & many more thing.

The Digg.com Office:

The Digg.com Office (2) 1
The Digg.com Office (2) 2The office is located in San Francisco & the designing looks quite good.

Microsoft HQ:

Microsoft HQ (3) 1
Microsoft HQ (3) 2
Microsoft HQ (3) 3Located in Redmond, Washington, & its here where over 30,000 of their employees work. The mural in the lunch area is pretty & so does the lake. Apart from these, the kitchen looks great, & there's football & a pool table, & the seating seams to be comfortable.

Pixar HQ:

Pixar HQ (2) 1
Pixar HQ (2) 2This is the headquarters of animation company Pixar, in Emeryville, CA. It has a very large campus & the place looks quite comfortable.

Danone Waters:

Danone Waters (3) 1
Danone Waters (3) 2
Danone Waters (3) 3The Klein Dytham designed Danone Waters office in Tokyo & used water as a theme. Thousands of empty plastic bottles have been strung using wires extending from floor to ceiling arranged into dividing walls & it looks quite good.

TBWA Office:

TBWA Office (3) 1
TBWA Office (3) 2
TBWA Office (3) 3TBWA office located in downtown Tokyo looks recreational & the designer is again Klein Dytham.

Pallotta Teamworks:

Pallotta Teamworks (3) 1
Pallotta Teamworks (3) 2
Pallotta Teamworks (3) 3Pallotta Teamworks' headquarters are located in LA, all the offices & work houses have been constructed using recycled materials.

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