Jun 10, 2008

Live Life King Size.

These are the palaces, planes, & cars of the most powerful people in the world, who 'Live Life King Size'.
Palaces: Here we have the humble abodes. Abode, that too a humble one of the most powerful men & women of the world, that's way too simple a statement about the place of their stay. So let us rephrase it, here we have the Palaces from all over the world, which speaks volumes of riches, power & authority.

Presidential Palace, Warsaw in Poland:

It's an elegant classicist latest version of a building that has stood on the Krakowskie Przedmiescie site since 1643. It was rebuilt & remodeled many times over a period of time & this palace was the private property of several aristocratic families. Now it is the official residence of the Polish President.

Presidential Palace, Warsaw in Poland (6) 1

Presidential Palace, Warsaw in Poland (6) 2Koniecpolski Palace in Warsaw.

Presidential Palace, Warsaw in Poland (6) 3Column Hall.

Presidential Palace, Warsaw in Poland (6) 4Paintings Room.

Presidential Palace, Warsaw in Poland (6) 5White Room.

Presidential Palace, Warsaw in Poland (6) 6Hetman Room.

Presidential Palace in India:

Known as "Viceroy's House" till 1950 served as the residence of the Governor-General of India. Now its the official residence of the President of India & is called Rashtrapati Bhavan - the President's House.

Presidential Palace in India (3) 1
The splendor of the Rashtrapati Bhavan is multi-dimensional. It is a vast mansion and its architecture is breathtaking. Few official residential premises of the Head of the State in the world will match the Rashtrapati Bhavan in terms of its size, vastness and its magnificence.
Presidential Palace in India (3) 2 Yellow Drawing Room, Banquet Hall, Ashoka Hall, North Drawing Room, Marble Hall, Marble Hall (Center), Marble Hall (Right Gallery), Durbar Hall.

Presidential Palace, Vilnius in Lithuania:

This is the Presidential Palace of the President of Lithuania located in Vilnius Old Town.

Presidential Palace, Vilnius in Lithuania (6) 1Lithuania's Presidential Palace.

Presidential Palace, Vilnius in Lithuania (6) 2 Palace park & courtyard. 'Official receptions hosted by the President of the Republic of Lithuania on the occasion of the State Day - the Crowning Day of King Mindaugas are takes place in the courtyard & park of the Presidential Palace.'

Presidential Palace, Vilnius in Lithuania (6) 3Ceremonial staircase.

Presidential Palace, Vilnius in Lithuania (6) 4Gilt handrails decorates the red-carpeted staircase.

Presidential Palace, Vilnius in Lithuania (6) 5 White hall is the main hall of the Palace, used for presentation of letters of credence, awards & meetings of the public with the President.

Presidential Palace, Vilnius in Lithuania (6) 6 The Negotiations Hall as the name suggests is used for meetings & negotiations of official delegations.

And here is the rest of gallery - link.

Cars: The cars used by the States' Heads shows the trust the State has in its own product & the national pride associated with it. For that matter the US President rides in the domestic Cadillac, Toyota for Japanese & Mercedes Benz for German.


Official State Car of UK The Queen of England travels in one of two bespoke Bentley State Limousines. 'The vehicles are based on the Bentley Arnage floorpan, with a twin-turbocharged 6.75 litre V8 engine that has been modified to produce 400 bhp (298 kW) and 616 lbf ft (835 N m) of torque. Maximum speed is 130 mph (210 km/h). The state limousine is three feet longer than a standard Bentley Arnage, 10 inches taller and six inches wider.'


Official State Car of The President of the United States

Official State Car of The President of the United StatesThe President of the United States uses an armored Cadillac limousine, the vehicle has extensive features including dark windows, state-of-the-art communication, protection systems, & a hidden desktop for use of the President.


Official State Car of russian presidentFor official state visits & celebrations ZIL 41052 is used & on regular commute to & from work, Putin uses a Mercedes S-class.


Official State Car sultan of bruneiThe Sultan has the largest collection of cars in the world, about 5,000. His collection includes: Ferrari, Bentley station wagons, 500 Rolls-Royces, a Porsche Carrera GT, a 959, six Ferrari FXs, the only right hand drive Benz CLK-GTR, & seven McLaren F1s.

And here is the rest of gallery - link.

Planes: Here we have a collection of the Presidential planes. Some Prime Ministerial aircrafts are also included in this post, as all States aren't headed by the Presidents.


Presidential aircraft of Brazil (5)  1
Presidential aircraft of Brazil (5)  2
Presidential aircraft of Brazil (5)  3
Presidential aircraft of Brazil (5)  4
Presidential aircraft of Brazil (5)  5This customized model of the Airbus A319 was named Santos-Dumont & when the aircraft is transporting the President of Brazil it uses the call sign FAB 001 (Brazilian Air Force One).


prime ministers plane VIP fleet consists of five Airbus A310-300s (CC-150 Polaris), & four B. Challenger 604 business jets (CC-144), flown by crews of 437 Transport Squadron, based at CFB Trenton, as part of Air Transport Group, along with a detachment from 412 Squadron in Ottawa & is managed by Canadian Forces Air Command. These planes primarily fly members of the Canadian Royal Family, Governor General of Canada, the Prime Minister apart from other high-ranking officials & foreign dignitaries.

Plane of Sultan of Brunei.

Plane of Sultan of Brunei (3) 1
Plane of Sultan of Brunei (3) 2
Plane of Sultan of Brunei (3) 3(Image: Credit).

Russian Federation:

 President of Russia uses  two Ilyushin Il-96-300PUThe President of Russia uses two Ilyushin Il-96-300PUs which are run by Russia State Transport Company.
'At least one of the aircraft was refitted as a VIP transport in 2001 by a British company for a price of GBP 10 million. As pictures made to the Internet in 2007 indicate, the luxurious refit included gold-plated bathroom fittings, marble floors, silk-lined walls and other expensive amenities.'

Here are those images:

Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 1
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 2
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 3
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 4
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 5
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 6
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 7
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 8
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 9
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 10
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 11
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 12
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 13
Presidential aircraft of Russia (15) 14'The interior decoration of the plane by Britain's Diamonite Aircraft Furnishings was worth some $17 million. On the whole, the President's planet cost the Russian budget from $45 to $60 million, according to various estimates. The interior space includes the President's study and bedroom as well as premises for his staff, securities, other personnel, bathroom, lavatory, kitchen and conference room.'

And here is the rest of gallery - link.

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