Jun 7, 2008

Unusual Aquariums and Modern Fish Tank Designs – Part 2.

Here is a cool collection ‘Unusual Aquariums and Modern Fish Tank Designs’ from around the world.

Macquarium created from Macintosh computersHere we have Macquarium created from Macintosh computers.

Sandcastle aquariumSandcastle aquarium is a reminiscent of those endless summer days at the shore& measures 21½" length, 21½" width, 29½" height.

Aquarium toiletAquarium toilet designed by Oliver Beckerta is a fishtank in the tank. The fishes are safe as they are in aquarium which is separate from the flushing tank.

 wooden TV AquariumMichael Khor recycled an old 26" wooden TV & modified it to accommodate a fishtank .

birdcage with fishbowlThis one is from early 19th century an interesting pairing of birdcage with fishbowl. The bird can rise up in the bubble inside the fishbowl creating an illusion that the bird is in the bowl with the fish.

aquarium washbasinNow that you have an aquarium toilet, to complete the theme here is an aquarium washbasin, its not a simple washbasin, but also an aquarium for goldfishes.

Aquariums That Are Definitely Worth A Second GlanceBirdcage aquarium.

Reef AquariumPieter van Suijlekom's Reef Aquarium: It has all the details you may ever wanted to know.

Do check the Part - 1 , its quite impressive too.

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