Jun 2, 2008

Seen On The Streets.

Collection of ‘Things Seen On The Street’ from all over the world.

Ramenskoye's Painted Houses:

Ramenskoye's Painted Houses (9)  6
Ramenskoye's Painted Houses (9)  9These are the painted houses in Ramenskoye, a town in Moscow Oblast, Russia, located 46 km southeast of Moscow & its famous for two things; one its Zhukovsky airfield & the other its painted houses. Here is the rest of the gallery.

Street Paintings Of Kurt Wenner:

Amazing Street Paintings Of Kurt Wenner
Amazing Street Paintings Of Kurt WennerThese are the 'Street Paintings Of Kurt Wenner' & here is the rest of gallery.

From The Streets Of Hong Kong:

Streets Of Hong Kong (2) 1
Streets Of Hong Kong (2) 2
Tape Sculptures:

Tape sculptures by Mark Jenkins 1
Tape sculptures by Mark Jenkins 2Tape sculptures by Mark Jenkins.

3D Street Paintings By Julian Beever:

Portable Computer painted on The Strand, London.

This picture is part of a series used by White's Electronics of Inverness in Treasure magazine. These are the street paintings by Julian Beever & here is the rest of gallery.

Light Graffiti:

Light Graffiti (2) 1
Light Graffiti (2) 2Cool time-lapse photography taken using LED glowsticks & flashlights by light graffiti artists. Here is rest of gallery.

Street Art:

Street Art (12) 1
Street Art (12) 4Here are a few images of street paintings which just look amazingly pretty & here is the rest of gallery.

Statues on Street:

Interesting Statues From Around The World (36) 7'Man at work in Bratislava', its bronze statue located in the pedestrian zone of Bratislava. It's said that if you rub its nose, you will have fortune. Rest of gallery.

Paintings on Buildings:

Painting on Buildings 1
Painting on Buildings 5These paintings give the passers on the street to look at something interesting than the usual regular structures.
Here is rest of gallery.

Blue Painted House Of Rotterdam:

Blue Building (9) 1
Blue Building (9) 2This was once one of the most unseen block of houses in Rotterdam, which later became Rotterdam's most photographed one. The transformation was brought by applying a layer of only 2 micron of blue paint onto it. Here is the rest of gallery.

From The Streets Of Paris:
Streets Of Paris (2) 1
Streets Of Paris (2) 2
Yellow Street:

Yellow Street (7) 1
Yellow Street (7) 2Here we have 'Yellow Street' from Overschiestraat in Schiedam, Netherlands. Rest of the image are here.

From The Streets Of São Paulo:

Streets Of São Paulo
Blue Road Installation - Urban River:

Blue Road (7) 1
Blue Road (7) 3Another creation of Dutch artist Henk Hofstra. The Blue Road installation features 1000 meters long & 8 meters wide of road painted blue with the phrase "Water is Life" written in eight-meter-high letters across it. In this project 4000 liters of paint was used & it costed 75,000 Euros. Here is the rest of gallery.

From The Streets Of Milwaukee:
Streets Of Milwaukee (2) 1
Streets Of Milwaukee (2) 2
World's Largest 3D Street Painting:

World's Largest 3D Street Painting (5) 4This is the largest 3D street art in the world by the German street painter Edgar Muller & a group of artists. The painting is about 280 square meters & the artists have done an amazing work by turning the street into a river. This was created as part of the Moose Jaw Prairie Arts Festival (2007).

Art-Eggcident in Leeuwarden by Henk Hofstra:

Art-Eggcident in Leeuwarden (7) 1
Art-Eggcident in Leeuwarden (7) 3Creation of Dutch artist Henk Hofstra, it's the sculptures called 'Art Eggcident' (environmental art project) in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. Here is the rest of gallery.

Street Installations:

Street Installations 1
Street Installations 2And here are some interesting & amazing street installations by Mark Jenkins.

From The Streets Of Hackney:
Streets Of Hackney
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