Jun 12, 2008

Most Creative Advertisements - Part 3.

Here is a collection ‘Most Creative Advertisements’ from around the world.

Gym advertisementRadiant Gym: Running - Its not easy for obesity to keep up with those who are running.

Stop'n Grow Stop'n Grow Advertising Bag: A German product which actually gets one away from nail biting.

Pacman advertisement"Pacman" advertisement - great & simple!

Interesting outdoor advertismentQuite different & good outdoor advertising for Calcutta School of Music.

Mr. clean advertisementMr. Clean Eraser Pads.

Ironing Service advertisementIroning Service advertisement using the mousemat in an interesting way.

reserved parkingReserved parking!

interesting advertisementPerhaps we may call this advertisement as a sort of interactive, its placed strategically near the tracks & says 'Come a little closer', sure way to get new clientele.

living billboardThe living billboard - Ford, it was installed on the roof of the Hard Rock Cafe in Dundas Square. The board contained 900 real plants, which were kept alive by an irrigation system & were tended to weekly by a landscape crew. The plants & irrigation system alone took 6 men a full week to install.

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