Jun 3, 2008

Single Seat Helicopters.

Single Seat Helicopters.

Single Seat Helicopters (15) 1Here we have HRH which uses powerful 165 hp 4-cycle, 4 cylinder Subaru, has a flying time of 2 hours with top speed of 103 mph.

Single Seat Helicopters (15) 2Russian Single Seat Helicopter: You send some guy mini 500 assembly manual who lives in the middle of nowhere in Russia & has no experience in building an aircraft, what do you think will happen? Well, apparently they call you four years later with a working prototype! Here is the rest of it:

Single Seat Helicopters (15) 3GEN-H4, a compact single-seat helicopter, developed by GEN Corporation of Japan. It weighs 75 Kg & is equipped with four 125 cc engines, can fly for 30 minutes with a maximum speed of 90 km (56 miles) per hour.

Single Seat Helicopters (15) 4Dornier Do-32 an ultra-light single seat helicopter designed by Dornier. It could be taken in a container of modest size, & when the container was fitted with wheels, could be towed by a regular car. Or it could be stored anywhere & could be assembled in just five minutes.

Campbell Cougar:

Single Seat Helicopters (15) 5
Modac 500 Hornet:

Single Seat Helicopters (15) 6
Single Seat Helicopters (15) 7Helicom Jr, a single-seat helicopter, with 100 hp Continental O-200 engine, with a max speed of 100 mph & range of 175 miles.

L 500T :

Single Seat Helicopters (15) 8The L 500T is a single seat light turbine helicopter powered by a 100 hp turbine engine. Has a 115 mph cruise speed with a max range of 2.25 hrs.


Single Seat Helicopters (15) 9
Single Seat Helicopters (15) 10 (Image: Credit).

Ka-50 Hokum:

Single Seat Helicopters (15) 11(Image: Credit).

Single Seat Helicopters (15) 12(Image: Credit).

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