Jun 14, 2008

Awesome Body Painting Art - Part 2.

Body Painting Art: Part - 2.

Its quite a long time that we did any post on body painting, the earlier post 'Amazing Body Painting Art' was quite a success, so we decided to post another collection of body painting art.
Here we have a unique work of art by the internationally renowned artist Emma H who creates these beautiful designs using an unusual canvas - the human body. In her work, you will very much find that the models' bodies blend almost seamlessly into the background pattern. This 35 year old artist has worked as a hairdresser, make-up artist & a face painter for the past 20 years & got the first taste of body art as a teenager when she painted her friends' faces.

She has done creative projects around the world for various clients. Its said that her wallpaper works can take up to 19 hours to create & the difficult part of this is getting the models to really blend into their backgrounds.
It's really a great way to express ones' creativity & what more when it can be used as a powerful thing for advertising a product that makes one look twice at it!

Awesome Body Painting Art (14) 4
Awesome Body Painting Art (14) 7
Awesome Body Painting Art (14) 8(Image: Credit).

Awesome Body Painting Art (14) 10
Awesome Body Painting Art (14) 11
Awesome Body Painting Art (14) 12
Awesome Body Painting Art (14) 13
Awesome Body Painting Art (14) 14(Image: Credit).

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