Jun 10, 2008

5 Creative and Modern Pet Products.

Here are a few things to pamper your poochies.

5 Creative and Modern Pet Products (9) 1Luxury bed for dogs: This rounded design imperial tuffet is handcrafted & can take up to 300 lbs, looks just perfect.

5 Creative and Modern Pet Products (9) 2Air Conditioned Pet House: Its ideal for your pet with air conditioning designed to keep your dog at the perfect temperature. It has electronic indoor lighting & keeps your pet comfortable in summers enhancing the experience of your pet. Apart from this you can also adjust the inside temperature & you can keep an eye on your pet's activities while you are away at work with the wireless webcam.

5 Creative and Modern Pet Products (9) 3Elite Pet Havens: These are custom designed state-of-the-art health & luxury havens for your pets in your very home. The high-tech integrated design that features many luxuries creates a virtual interactive outdoor for your pet indoors. The options include fragrance, taste, climate-control systems, & touch controls. All these come for $50,000 to $200,000 & even above.

5 Creative and Modern Pet Products (9) 4Jet-Spa: If you want something more than just a good bath for your pet then, you can check out Jentle Pet Spa. It comes with five massaging jets, a Fill-Flush cleaning system & the tub is available in 50 different colors. The Jentle Pet Spa starts at $1,700.

5 Creative and Modern Pet Products (9) 5Doghouses: These look much nicer than many of the apartments we came across.

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