Jun 30, 2008

Unusual and Unique Meat Art - Part 2.

Meat Art: Part - 2.

Here is a collection of ‘Unusual and Unique Meat Art’ from around the world.

This is the interesting work of Alex Lucka:

Unusual and Unique Meat Art(6) 1
Unusual and Unique Meat Art(6) 2Check the rest of the work here.

Victoria Reynolds work of art:

Unusual and Unique Meat Art(6) 3Rest of the series which is quite interesting: link.

Meat dress:

Unusual and Unique Meat Art(6) 4For making of this dress, a centuries-old method of food preservation is followed wherein the meat is totally salted & allowed to air dry. It was stitched together from 60 lbs of uncooked flank steak.

Meat cake:

Unusual and Unique Meat Art(6) 5It does look delicious, & if you are interested to make one for yourself then do check the link, it has the complete recipe.


Unusual and Unique Meat Art(6) 6If your are interested to make a meatshort for your friend, then Instructables has step by step guide of the whole process.

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Interesting and Funny Signs.

Well what can be said about these signs, but they make interesting signs. These guys do come up with interesting one liners. We liked the 'Jedi' one, which one would you pick as your favorite or the one which can make you smile!

Interesting Signs (7) 1
Interesting Signs (7) 2
Interesting Signs (7) 3
Interesting Signs (7) 4
Interesting Signs (7) 5
Interesting Signs (7) 6
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Jun 28, 2008

Creative and Clever Mousepad Advertisements.

Collection of ‘Creative and Clever Mousepad Advertisements’ from all over the world.

The Ironing Service - Mousemat:

Creative and Clever Mousepad Advertisements (5) 1(Image: Credit).

Axe - Mousepad:

Creative and Clever Mousepad Advertisements (5) 2(Image: Credit).

Activetouch.be mousepad - Massage at work:

Creative and Clever Mousepad Advertisements (5) 3(Image: Credit).

Bocage Paris shoes - Table:

Creative and Clever Mousepad Advertisements (5) 5(Image: Credit).

Another interesting one:

Creative and Clever Mousepad Advertisements (5) 4(Image: Credit).

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Fashion Dresses - Hummingbird Theme.

Fashion Dresses - Hummingbird Theme.

These are Kristian Aadnevik's designs for The Protege Collection at Australia Fashion Week. What makes these special is that these dresses reminds of the Anna's Hummingbird. Male Anna's Hummingbirds are known for their metallic green back, dark rose-red shimmering crowns while the female variety are best known for their golden details, green back, white throat with some red spots, & complex feather patterns. This collection is sure to get the needed attention & is quite impressive.

Fashion Dresses - Hummingbird Theme (9) 1
Fashion Dresses - Hummingbird Theme (9) 2
Fashion Dresses - Hummingbird Theme (9) 3
Fashion Dresses - Hummingbird Theme (9) 4
Fashion Dresses - Hummingbird Theme (9) 5
Fashion Dresses - Hummingbird Theme (9) 6
Fashion Dresses - Hummingbird Theme (9) 7
Fashion Dresses - Hummingbird Theme (9) 8
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Ice Flowers.

Ice Flowers.

These are also known as frost flowers or salt flowers. Frost crystals resembling a flower, formed on the surface of sea ice as a result of rapid freezing of sea water. The petals of frost flowers are very delicate & will come off when touched. They usually sublimate in sunlight & are usually visible in the early mornings or in shaded areas.

Ice Flowers (6) 1
Ice Flowers (6) 2(Image: Credit).

Ice Flowers (6) 3(Image: Credit).

Ice Flowers (6) 4(Image: Credit).

Ice Flowers (6) 5(Image: Credit).

Ice Flowers (6) 6(Image: Credit).

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Jun 27, 2008

Artistic Hotel Rooms.

Artistic Hotel Rooms.

61 rooms, 21 artists, 1,000 ideas - each room is an individual piece of art in Hotel Fox in central Copenhagen. It was for the launch of the new Volkswagen Fox that the hotel was made into the most exciting & creative lifestyle hotel by 21 international artists creating a unique space featuring creative artwork ranging from street art to Japanese Manga.

Artistic Hotel Rooms (11) 1
Artistic Hotel Rooms (11) 2
Artistic Hotel Rooms (11) 3
Artistic Hotel Rooms (11) 4
Artistic Hotel Rooms (11) 5
Artistic Hotel Rooms (11) 6
Artistic Hotel Rooms (11) 7
Artistic Hotel Rooms (11) 8
Artistic Hotel Rooms (11) 9
Artistic Hotel Rooms (11) 10
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Interesting Advertisements From Blush.

Interesting Advertisements From Blush.

Most of the advertisements from Blush are really captivating & interesting. They always succeed to impress the viewers or to leave a mark in their minds. Here are a few advertisements that really impressed us.

Interesting Advertisements From Blush (5) 5
Interesting Advertisements From Blush (5) 4
Interesting Advertisements From Blush (5) 3
Interesting Advertisements From Blush (5) 2(Image credit: liveu4).
Interesting Advertisements From Blush (5) 1(Image credit: adsoftheworld).

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Computer Pullover.

Computer Pullover.

Here are some interesting Computer Pullovers. We have a pullover for the keyboard; the other pullover also has a small opening for you to see. If you want something more, then there is a pullover for the laptop wherein you need to put in your head in the pullover which covers the whole laptop making it impossible for others to see, just if someone wants more privacy at the office. Quite an interesting concept!

Computer Pullover (8) 1
Computer Pullover (8) 2
Computer Pullover (8) 3
Computer Pullover (8) 4
Computer Pullover (8) 5
Computer Pullover (8) 6
Computer Pullover (8) 7
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