May 10, 2008

Smallest Structures Of The World.

Smallest Structures Of The World.

Collection of ‘Smallest Structures Of The World’ for you.

World's Smallest Houses:

World's Smallest Houses (3) 1
World's Smallest Houses (3) 2
World's Smallest Houses (3) 3Here are some pictures of the world's smallest houses.

The Smallest International Bridge:

The Smallest International BridgeThis is a pair of islands near Rockport called Zavikon. The larger island is in Canada while the smaller one is part of the US. The footbridge between these two islands thus makes it the shortest international bridge in the world.

The World's Smallest Island:

The World's Smallest IslandThe world's smallest island is located on the south west point of the United Kingdom.
It's a manned lighthouse on a 46 x 16 meter expanse of rocks that combined makes up the world's smallest island.

The World's Smallest School:

The World's Smallest SchoolThe world's smallest school, an elementary school in Dasu village, has just one teacher & one student:

The Worlds Smallest International Airport:

The Worlds Smallest International AirportThe worlds smallest international airport - Akaiami island.

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