May 15, 2008

Mobile Theater.

This is a unique iconic mobile theater which will represent the Arts Alliance & their performance worldwide created by Various Architects.

Mobile Theater (9) 1
First test model on the new in-house 3D printer from Z-corporation.

Mobile Theater (9) 2
A 4 x 6 meter test piece of the exterior inflatable skin has been ordered for the model. It has two parts of the large inflatable hexagons & a translucent inflated window pane which will together form the exterior surfaces of the Mobile theater.

Mobile Theater (9) 3
The first inflation of the full-scale model was at the offices of ESS in London. This is the first in a series of full-scale models for the inflatable structural skin of the theater.

Mobile Theater (9) 4
It is a five-screen cinematic performance where live dancers perform in front of, behind, & between the screens throughout the show. For the five screens, sails draped over shipping containers were used. It worked well in the Yokohama harbor where both containers & cranes to move them were in abundance. But it was not practical in other central urban locations. Hence there was a need for a new mobile theater that can be conveyed easily around the world & is suitable for almost any site. It should be an inflatable structure with dramatic effects to make it a memorable experience.

Mobile Theater (9) 5

Mobile Theater (9) 6
Mobile Theater (9) 7
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