May 25, 2008

Mixed Links & Images - Part: 8.

Mixed Links & Images - Part: 8.

Here is a collection ‘Mixed Links and Images - 8’ from around the world.

Interesting bedsheetInteresting bed-sheet, now you don't need to keep a book along.

There is a lizard on the bark in this photo, try to find it before you checkout the second photo.

Find the difference (2) 1
 Find the difference (2) 2Mountain Dew tree.

Dew tree (3) 1
Dew tree (3) 2
Dew tree (3) 3
Coffee bag - The bag for coffee.

Coffee bag (2) 1
Coffee bag (2) 2Who doesn't know how difficult it is to carry two cups of coffee which are filled to the top, managing the car keys & all? Here is the answer: This bag for coffee.

Portabello - 75 million dollars for a house:

Portabello - 75 million dollars for a houseThe sprawling Portabello Estate located in the center of Newport Beach, California is an oceanic architecture. With a cost of $75 million you get about 30,000 square feet of space, eight bedrooms, plus a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean from almost every room. Apart from these, it includes 2-story grotto with a swimmingpool, 2 spas, tunnel slide, poolside lounge room & barbecue area, Jacuzzi, kitchen, entertainment level with bowling alley, Art Deco Theater, automotive museum, cafe, full exercise facility.

Creative & interesting storiesCarolyn Bahm started a meme using her favorite blog names or domain names as elements of the story. And what makes it more interesting is that there are only a few words to use to create these fascinating & interesting stories. These stories are something which you can't miss, here is the link.

Luggage sculptureLuggage sculpture.

An illustrated guide to understanding DiggAn illustrated guide to understanding Digg.

What Digg has become7 political stories, 2 Digg-related reviews & 1 random story. What Digg has become? If you are a Digger or follower of Kevin then perhaps you may be able to answer: Is Digg the new political ground?

If you can read this, you're in rangeIf you can read this, you're in range!

knitted full sized red FerrariArtist Lauren Porter knitted a full sized red Ferrari for her graduate show, spending about ten months, using 12 miles of yarn & it is made from over 250 squares over a steel model & the horse badge is hand-embroidered.

Baby car logos:

Baby car logos (4) 1
Baby car logos (4) 2
Baby car logos (4) 3
Baby car logos (4) 4

How to hide an elephant?

How to hide an elephant (8) 1
How to hide an elephant (8) 2
How to hide an elephant (8) 3
How to hide an elephant (8) 4
How to hide an elephant (8) 5
How to hide an elephant (8) 6
How to hide an elephant (8) 7
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