May 23, 2008

Things You Can Do With Coins.

Things You Can Do With Coins.

Collection of ‘Things You Can Do With Coins’ from all over the world.

Amazing Coin Balancing Structures:

Amazing Coin Balancing Structures (4) 1
Amazing Coin Balancing Structures (4) 2
Amazing Coin Balancing Structures (4) 3
Amazing Coin Balancing Structures (4) 4Here some amazing pictures of coin balancing making it into some work of art creating interesting formations. This requires lots of skill & patience too.

50 Million Pennies:

50 million pennies looks likeThis is what 50 million pennies look like, it is 156 tons & is worth half a million dollars.

Portraits Made Out Of Pennies:

Portraits Made Of Pennies (2) 1
Portraits Made Of Pennies (2) 2This is the artwork of Adrian Firth who created these amazing portraits using pennies.

100 Million Pennies:

100 million penniesIt's called the "Penny Harvest Feild". $1 million worth of pennies were gathered & the exhibit was 30 feet by 165 feet long.

9 pound balance:

9 Pound balance
This is what you can do if you have spare time & want to get creative!

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