May 28, 2008

Interesting Hair Designs.

Nagi Noda Animal Hair Hats: These amazing & unique animal-inspired hair hats are the creations of Nagi Noda, a Japanese artist who is best known for her direction of music videos, TV commercials & ads. These are truly out of this world, & the hairpieces depict rabbits, poodles, owls, elephants, lions, cows, giraffes, monkeys & other animals. These amazing photos were photographed by Kenneth Cappello at Milk Studios, NYC. The actual intention or the purpose for creation of these animal hats are not known as of now, whether it's for a magazine or advertisement or something else.

Nagi Noda Animal Hair Hats (4) 1
Nagi Noda Animal Hair Hats (4) 2
Nagi Noda Animal Hair Hats (4) 3(Image credit: Myitthings).

Nagi Noda Animal Hair Hats (4) 4Click on image to enlarge.

Avant Garde Hair Designs: These are from the Coiffure Award 2008 which were recently concluded & here is the rest of the gallery .

Avant Garde Hair Designs(L) by Caroline Backx & (R) by Gisli Ari Hafsteinsson

Unusual Haircuts & Hair Styles: These are some of the interesting haircuts & hairstyles.

interesting haircuts (7) 1(Image: Credit).

interesting haircuts (7) 2
interesting haircuts (7) 3
interesting haircuts (7) 4
interesting haircuts (7) 5
interesting haircuts (7) 6
interesting haircuts (7) 7(Image: Credit).

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